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Cosy and nice - Our little Wiesn

Start date : 2024-09-21

End date : 2024-09-21

Start time : 3:00 pm

End time : 12:00 am

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If you can't make it to Munich, you should visit us in the beer garden on September 21st.

On a small scale, we celebrate everything that is available in Munich:
Brass music, grilled suckling pig, traditional costume and festival beer.

The tap-off is at 3:00 p.m., when our brass musicians from SpreeBlech and the Querplattler from Berlin also start.
Afterwards, DJ Ingo will perform the most beautiful Wiesn hits of all time.
In the evening another extra round of the Querplattler, who always impress with their incredible stage presence.

Just stop by for the most beautiful Oktoberfest flair in the city center of Berlin :-)

No registration required and entry is free.
For more than 8 people we offer to pre-order hearty plates to share, please write to mail@zollpackhof.de.

To a peaceful Oktoberfest under the chestnut tree!